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Startups of Startupnight 2020

Due to the Covid-19 situation everything is a little different in 2020 and so we had no real booths for our startups as Startupnight was taking place only virtually. But nevertheless we still created microsites for all startups who applied in time. 

We also have a list view with a short description. Just go here.

Startups of Startupnight 2019

Below are a few of the startups of Startupnight 2019. We also have a complete list of all startups of 2019.
There are also lists of 2018 and 2017.

Mobility - DRIVE. Volkswagen Group Forum

Get connected, stay together. 
We are revolutionizing the possibilities of commuters to ensure a pleasant journey for everyone involved. There are already opportunities for this. 

Energy - DRIVE. Volkswagen Group Forum

Founded in 2015 Enerbrain makes buildings smart by way of an intelligent system capable of cutting energy consumption by 30% from the outset! A technology that is easy to manage and quick to…

AI/Data - DRIVE. Volkswagen Group Forum

Opinary makes opinions matter. Integrated on the world's leading news sites, it gives millions of users orientation in debates that matter, and let's them share their own view with a single tap.…