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Startups of Startupnight 2018

Here is a list of all startups sorted by name including a snippet of the description.

Below is an overview of all exhibiting startups. By clicking on a category you can filter the view. We have several industries again this year. To make is easier we clustered different industries into one: 
AI/Data (Big Data/Data Analytics/AI), AR/VRBlockchainEnergy, Fin TechHealthHR/Legal Tech (HR Tech, Insur Tech, Legal Tech), IoT/Hardware (IoT/Robotics/Hardware/Wearables), Lifestyle (Entertainment/Lifestyle/Commerce/Food/Retail), Mobility, Telecommunication (Communication/Telco/Infrastructure/Cloud/SaaS/Security/IT)

Guided startup tours

This year we offer guided tours to selected startups of a certain industry. Just look for the sign at Deutsche Telekom's Representative Office or DRIVE. Volkswagen Group Forum and join a group of interested people.

Time Telekom
6 pm Telecommunication
7 pm Blockchain
7 pm AI/Data
8 pm Health
9 pm HR/Legal Tech
Time Volkswagen
6 pm Mobility
7 pm AR/VR
7 pm Energy
8 pm IoT/Hardware
9 pm Lifestyle

Startups of Startupnight 2017

Below are a few of the startups of Startupnight 2017. We also have a complete list of all startups of 2017.

Keyword hero
Data Analytics - Deutsche Telekom's Representative Office

The Keyword Hero is the only solution to see again, what exact search phrase a user googled to get to your site.

Commerce/Retail - DRIVE. Volkswagen Group Forum

Pin2Pin optimizes the process of electronic component sourcing for Manufacturers (OEM).
We balance risk of complicated tasks of sourcing. This task requires significant risk management, monitoring and analytics. We are a procurement Enterprise software provider, focusing on sourcing of electronic components, mainly finding the right materials/suppliers/SCM.

AI - Deutsche Telekom's Representative Office

We predict your next customer at the right time and tell you exactly what to do to be successful.