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Startups of Startupnight 2017

These are the startups who participate in Startupnight 2017 sorted by name.
To get a better impression what they are doing, you can find here all startups with a short description in one list.

Application form closed

The application form is closed now. Thank you very much for 450 applications!

The first startups who will be a part of Startupnight are already listed below. Because of the huge amount of applications during the last few weeks, we need some time to make our final decisions. So please be a little patient. Every year it is not easy to decide, because there are so many amazing startups.

We will start to announce the startups who have made it on August 11th 2017.

I case your startup should not be picked for Startupnight, please come as a visitor, since there a still a lot of opportunities, and try again next year. 

See you at Startupnight!

Startups from former Startupnights

A collection of former Startupnight participants


Cringle is the intuitive smartphone app for users who want to send money to friends all over Europe in a matter of seconds. By cooperating with your principal bank, the app guarantees your bank’s normal high security standards. Cringle has received numerous awards and has found a partner in Germany's foremost direct bank, the Deutsche Kreditbank AG (DKB).

Thanks to the Cringle smartphone app, you can send money to or request money from all your friends, as long as they have a European cell phone number - and all in a matter of seconds. It is as simple as sending a text message, is completely free of charge and requires no online banking TAN or PIN.

Cringle cooperates with the DKB (Deutsche Kreditbank), Germany's foremost direct bank, measured by number of checking accounts. This cooperation agreement does not only mean that we have a trustworthy partner but also that Cringle transactions can guarantee the same level of security that users are familiar with from their principal banks. Cringle is already available to private individuals with German checking accounts - no matter who their principal bank is.

In our everyday lives, we often need to send our friends money as quickly and simply as possible.

Do you still owe a friend money for a group gift? Thanks to Cringle, you can pay your share in a couple of seconds and recipients no longer need to keep reminders all over the place.

Have you spent the last few days trying to get back the money you forwarded for those movie tickets? Thanks to Cringle, you can request the outstanding amount directly and save yourself a lot of time and hassle.

Thanks to Cringle, friends no longer have to exchange account details via WhatsApp, email or Facebook. Simply choose your contact from your smartphone's address book, enter the correct amount and confirm the transaction with your chosen PIN or fingerprint.


Deliveroo is an end-to-end food delivery service that brings high-quality local restaurant food to homes and offices through a proprietary technology and logistics platform. Founded in 2013 by William Shu and Greg Orlowski, the company delivers dishes from leading independent and high-quality chain restaurants including Mädchenitaliener, Lily Burger, Good Friends, Dr. To's and Tommi's Burger Joint in Berlin and Ruff’s Burger, Il Mulino, The Victorian House, Tenno und Salt in Munich. To date, Deliveroo has raised $100m from investors including Accel, Greenoaks Capital, Hoxton Ventures, Index Ventures and JamJar Investments.


Medexo provides patients with an online-based medical second opinion from renowned specialty physicians in Germany. Thanks to Medexo’s online-platform, “Medicine Made in Germany” is available for all patients worldwide at a competitive price.


Virtual Reality is currently the number one topic. And while there are different opinions for what VR is suited best, everyone agrees that immersion and presence is key. In order to achieve that – for linear formats, cultural projects, education, conferences or games – there have to be convincing characters. Only with realistic people, with their gestures and facial expressions, people will start to feel deeply connected to a virtual world. That is why Trotzkind is working on technologies to film people in a way to bring them one-to-one into VR.