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Instant Upgrade Spices

We are a sigle origin spice company, provide most fragrant and flavourful spices and spice blends. Artisanal, fresh and handroasted

We are sourcing our spices and herbs from family businesses and cooperatives and create direct and personal supply chanes, so everyone in the chain gets out the best possible value. We are taking the farm to table thought a step further by sharing the stories of our farmers. We mostly do not know where our spices come from or know how old they actually are! Itś not rare that spices travel for up to one year before they reach our supermarket shelves, as herbs and spices are plants, they taste best when they are fresh and this is what we want everyone to experience - a fresh, fair traded, tasteful product. Classic flavours with a suprising upgrade. Website under construction, will be finished within the next couple weeks!

Germany, Berlin

Part of
Startupnight 2023