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While marketing and sales processes in the automotive sector have widely been digitized to maximize revenues, back office and internal processes lack the adoption of integrated digital solutions. Manual workarounds, paper and pen usage as well as human errors result in dramatic efficiency losses - resulting in high costs and unhappy customers. As the #1 platform for receivables automation and payment management has redefined the standard for payment management in the automotive industry, eliminating a major part of back office and administrative inefficiencies leading to happy clients and customers. More than 60% of the 100 largest automotive retail groups in Germany already rely on the innovative solution, provided by the cologne-based fintech NX Technologies, which will be rolled out internationally in the near future. The vision: Building Europe’s #1 receivables automation & payment management platform The digital solution currently consists of five integrated modules that holistically optimize the customers' payment processes from the payment request to the dunning process. enables the automated dispatch of digital payment invitations and confirmations, the offer of various multichannel payment methods, a live payment status on all receivables as well as a new technology for 100% allocation and booking in existing financial accounting and ERP systems. This relieves the back office and at the same time offers customers a modern payment experience. Furthermore, individually bookable add-on solutions such as a money laundering prevention check, automated dunning system or embedded finance solutions ensure a holistic mapping of the entire receivables process.

Germany, Cologne

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