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We ensure that vegan organic food from Brazil reaches Europe in the most environmentally friendly way possible, using the whole cashewfruit.

Cashew trees originally only existed in Brazil, the Portuguese spread them to Africa and Asia. The cashew trees are perfectly adapted to the climate and the regional ecosystem in the semi-arid region of the Brazilian northeast. 97% of cashew fruits are wastet or in part composted. So our goal is to develop products from the cashew fruit as well, and provide additional income for the families. The cashew juice "Cajuína" is produced from the cashew apple, leaving fibres that are used in various dishes and as a meat substitute. We work with partners in Brazil on the development of family farming and agroforestry products that are sold in Brazil and partly also in Europe. In particular, we are dedicated to the transition to biocyclic-vegan cultivation, which binds CO2 in the soil and makes it available to the plants. Through reforestation and biodiversity, climate change is mitigated and abundant production is made possible even in dry areas through bio-cyclic-vegan composting. Since 2020 we are selling cashews in Germany and other europeen countries. We are now seeking funding to produce "cashew meat" and are also introducing acai, Brazil nuts and other products.

Germany, Berlin

Part of
Startupnight 2023