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Cultway is a no-code content builder that allows to easily create and share knowledge with audio stories

With digitalisation and remote work on the rise, we spend more and more time in front of screens. Additionally, while many of us would love to spend more time with personal development and education, it can be difficult to find time in a stressful work life. Audio content is a great alternative to e-mails, articles and videos, as it can be consumed in parallel to other activities (e.g. while cooking or on the train) and does not require to use your eyes. Great audio content can catch people's attention more than a text or slide deck and is especially useful for those, who learn best using their acoustic sensory channel. At Cultway, we make it easy to create fun and interactive audio-first content. We provide a simple no-code content builder that allows to create audio stories by writing a text and selecting a synthetic voice to produce a voice-over. Our audio stories are a mix between podcast and Instagram story: They consist of different sections and can also contain visualisations and interactive elements such as quizzes or polls. Employees within companies can use audio stories to provide onboarding and training for colleagues within private channels. At the same time, we offer a public platform for other content creators such as museums, publishers or bloggers, who can share content focusing on professional training, personal development or cultural education.

Germany, Berlin

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