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The software platform that accelerates the digital transformation of businesses towards achieving holistic ESG compliance.

With the much needed upcoming ESG regulations coming up in Europe and elsewhere to bring clear comparability, transparency and eliminate greenwashing, around 60.000 companies would be obligated to comply from 2024. Over 80% of these companies have never structurally reported on ESG and most others were doing voluntary disclosures with little obligation. The story today is these companies need to rapidly establish auditable processes to comply with at least 3 regulations and, many more regulations depending on their size, geography and industry of operations. Daato helps these businesses achieve ESG compliance with all relevant regulations under one platform thereby saving effort spent, audit costs and technology costs. We aspire to accelerate the ESG compliance journey of businesses so they can go beyond compliance and become more sustainable. We are strongly privacy focused and provide private SaaS deployments so businesses can retain their data ownership to the maximum. Daato is an ISO 27001 certified organization and is pre-seed funded to the tune of 3M € by a prestigious automotive OEM.

Germany, Berlin

Part of
Startupnight 2023