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VANOZZA produces the first vegan buffalo mozzarella that not only melts, but also pulls strings. Authentic - Without additives, soy and gluten.

La Dolce Vita for us and our planet - That is the vision of the vegan start-up VANOZZA. With strong enthusiasm for Italian cuisine and sustainability, VANOZZA enables cheese enjoyment without a guilty conscience and contributes to the nutritional turnaround. The foodtech company from Hamburg develops, produces and distributes authentic, vegan cheese alternatives.

The vegan mozzarella from VANOZZA melts and also pulls strings. Through the specially developed and innovative production process, an incomparable result is achieved: VANOZZA's creamy consistency is deceptively real and makes it suitable for use in many different recipes. VANOZZA's products are made only from natural ingredients and is therefore not only purely vegetable, but also Clean Label.

Germany, Hamburg

Part of
Startupnight 2023