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At Prevo, we produce sustainable, nutritious proteins based on microalgae to replace animal- and plant-based proteins that hurt our environment.

🌱🦠 Designing the future of food with biotechnology at Prevo 🚀 At Prevo, we harness the power of biotechnology to drive civilization's transition to a sustainable and efficient food future. Say goodbye to highly unsustainable animal-based protein and soy protein as we usher in a new era of innovation and environmental stewardship. Our novel technology allows us to produce protein from algae, providing a viable and scalable alternative to traditional animal-based protein and soy protein. By leveraging the power of biotechnology, we are able to overcome the limitations of conventional protein sources, paving the way for a truly sustainable protein revolution. But our commitment doesn't stop at sustainability; it extends to fostering an equitable transition as well. We firmly believe that a sustainable future must be inclusive, leaving no one behind. Prevo is dedicated to designing solutions that not only benefit the environment but also empower communities and promote fairness across the food value chain. By embracing an equitable approach, we are building a future where everyone can thrive.

Germany, Straubing

Part of
Startupnight 2023