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Hulan specialises in health innovations and presents: 1. Pillo: a pillow-shaped game controller 2. Freequency: AR game for dealing with tinnitus

Hulan makes serious games, apps and platforms. We specialise in health innovations. The most successful innovations spin off into a separate company. 

Two of these companies are: Pillo and Freequency. 

  • Pillo is a the groundbreaking pillow-shaped game controller, Currently aimed for disabled people and not just a game. Pillo is being used in physiotherapy, 'snoezelen' and for educational purposes. Pillo has (almost) perfect product market fit and is being sold in the Netherlands and Belgium. Next to the current target group, the concept has lots of potential for other audiences. 
  • Freequency is an augmented reality game battling tinnitus. Freequency is just past the beta tests. More than 700 users have played the game and gave us their feedback. A lot of people are suffering from tinnitus, there is no solution. We do not claim that we have one, but at least a considerable amount (27%) of our daily users experienced less complaints after a month. 

Both cases have different needs and both of them look very promising. 

We are ambitious and want to scale up. Can you help?  

Netherlands, Waalre

Part of
Startupnight 2023