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Urban Monkeys

Urban Monkeys reimagines city travel: We personalize each travel experience for the user, based on their individual preferences.

With Urban Monkeys we reimagine City Travel: our smartphone app for generation Y & Z users includes 2 key features: - When visiting a new city for a few days, tourists are overwhelmed by an overload of information regarding sights, museums, cafés, events, and way more. We change the approach: In our app, users can specify what’s important to them, and based on their interests, we’ll automatically create a personalized plan for the whole duration of their city trip. - Secondly, we’re reimagining sightseeing: With our app, sightseeing will again be fun, relaxed and flexible - while becoming sustainable. We’ve developed our MVP and validated the idea with potential users over the last months, which gives us a strong basis for the next development steps.

Germany, Berlin

Part of
Startupnight 2022