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We match Brands with social media users so users can make candidate-referrals for open positions and we pay users 600€ for every successful hire.

Hi, we are MatchBrand. We want to make recruiting social to build a better job market for everyone where jobs get shared by friends, not ads. We achieve that through matching the open jobs of a company with social media users and their followers demographics. Users can share jobs in any social media via a post or in their bio through a linktree. Additionally users can send jobs directly to their network via a link. Companies pay 700€ 14 days after a successful hire from which 600€ goes to the user. We work with companies such as GANT or OETKER COLLECTION. Additionally they pay 500€ network access fee + 20€ for every job they would like to list. From 10 jobs onwards, we are able to undercut job boards by 90% for listing jobs. Referrals are already the number one source of new jobs (1 out of 4) but 58% of german companies have no form of referral program. 99.9% limit themselves on their own employees but you have some early adopters for referrals from everyone in the US.

Germany, Berlin

Part of
Startupnight 2023