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We developed an app that helps creative freelancers, agencies and their customers to negotiate contracts simpler, quicker and more transparent.

High payouts and legal complexity create a need for legal safety in the creative industry. This costs money (staff & training) and is hindering the creative workflow. We offer both the contracts and a modern UI to negotiate key questions of typical use cases swiftly. Almost a quarter of creatives in Germany are freelancers. We offer a digital solution for musicians, content creators, actors, designers, marketing and modeling agencies, publishing houses and everyone else working in the creative industry. The benefit is owing your rights at a fraction of the cost of a lawyer, law department or manager. We reduce contracts to the essentials and guide through these topics displayed as simple cards with a swipe mechanism. As a side benefit you not only gain legal safety but also automatic invoices and budgeting, better project management and a network of other creatives who use our app. We want to free creatives minds from the necessity of managers.

Germany, Berlin

Part of
Startupnight 2022