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Deep Breath

Where Art Meets Meditation in our online & offline workshops. For individuals, couples, groups & teams.

If our emotional and mental wellbeing are ignored for too long, they tend to come back rushing in. The more we ignore them, the louder they scream. Simultaneously, although at times perceived as nuisances, our emotional skills and mental health allow us to be creative. To think outside the box. To create. To collaborate more effectively. Helping people with their emotional & mental wellbeing and enabling them to manage this better, reduces stress and conflicts at home or at work and improves metrics of happiness & morale. Deep Breath – Where Art Meets Meditation helps you achieve this: Meditation allows to build up resilience to stress, shortens the time needed to wind down, and helps in putting intrusive thoughts aside. It also heightens concentration and focus. Moreover, it allows one to increase one’s emotional awareness, thus helping in navigating the daily requirements better. Art therapy is a great tool to release stress and to gain an insight into our emotional and mental system. It also allows one to identify and connect with resources, thus increasing resilience. Moreover, this refection can help with one's communication style, emotional affect, and the relationship with oneself, colleagues, friends and family. In our online and offline workshops we combine both methods and create a safe space to #growtogether

Germany, Berlin

Part of
Startupnight 2022