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Sykell operates the most scalable network of reusable packaging, automated through reverse vending machines, including washing, logistics and deposit.

Sykell is the complete solution for reusable packaging, used by companies like REWE and Lekkerland. Sykell offers an open pool of reusable cups and containers that can be easily returned at the reverse vending machines, as simple as a deposit bottle. This system has proven a higer acceptance for reusable packaging, as users don't need an app or to search for a point of return. On the merchant side, we offer a complete service, including reverse logistics, washing, and deposit management. We have scaled already to several thousand automated locations and thousands more with manual operations. Every reusable container is uniquely serialized, so we can track them across the supply chain and introduce advanced deposit operations. They can be reused hundreds of times, reducing the impact more strongly than single-use packaging (71% after 50 cycles).

Germany, Berlin

Part of
Startupnight 2023