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With our technology, companies can turn any digital event into a micro donation to any NGO to create purposeful and transparent experiences.

We are the first "Social Impact as a Service" Platform that allows every company to create social impact with the snap of a finger. Automated, visible and transparent. On our platform, companies build donation flows. Each flow consists of a trigger, an NGO and an donation amount. Using our API or automation tools, this flow can be triggered from anywhere to place donations. For each donation, we issue a verification code, which can be used to track the donation. Like "subscribe to our newsletter and we donate to sea rescue" or "Add something to your shopping cart and we plant a tree". Using our tool, companies can not only do good but als motivate users, customers and employees to perform certain actions or reward them afterwards. We started in January and have already two handy full of customers that donate using our system.

Germany, Berlin

Part of
Startupnight 2023