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Innovative tablet for seniors - Uncomplicated, with video calling and digital photo album. Technology that connects generations!

Telemarie is an innovative tablet for seniors, making technology accessible and straightforward! Our product stands out due to specially developed hardware and software, allowing elderly individuals without prior knowledge or tech anxiety to use it in a user-friendly and pleasant manner. The core features of Telemarie are video calling and the digital photo album, simple enough that anyone can use them, integrated into senior-friendly hardware. The tablet's interface, case, and docking station are intuitively and barrier-free designed, enabling seniors without technical skills to use them effortlessly. Through custom-designed Android and iOS apps, children and grandchildren can finally see their (grand)parents via video chat and send them photos, videos, and messages quickly and easily. Senior-friendly design of hardware and software is at the forefront of our development work, preventing older people from being excluded from the benefits of modern technologies. Through product testing and interviews, we have gained valuable insights that have flowed into the functions, operation, materiality, and design of Telemarie. The adaptation of the hardware, such as a special docking station, and the use of newly developed video calling software, led to optimal usability for seniors. Telemarie is initially positioned on the growing German market of aging technology, especially for the sub-market of relatives (45+) of seniors, who are older than 75 years and so far have little or no IT skills. The market has great potential as there is plenty of room for various approaches, and the group of seniors is quite heterogeneous. International scaling is also possible. Telemarie's competitors include various companies that differentiate themselves in various aspects of the business idea. The two most similar competitors are EnnaCare, which offers an innovative card system that allows seniors to call up different functions, and Komp, which focuses on a one-button computer specially developed for people with dementia. However, Telemarie stands out with its robust and specially adapted hardware and user-friendly software, offering an exceptional level of simplicity and comfort in operation. So far, we have successfully built and rented out 50 MVPs of the product. In the next six months, we plan to scale to at least 300 rentals to test scalability. We place great value on sustainability. For example, we only use used tablets and sustainable materials. Our pricing strategy aims to make the product affordable for as many customers as possible. That's why we offer Telemarie for rent. The current price of 35€/month has been verified by renting out the first small series. Sales and marketing are initially focusing on SEA and direct sales on the Internet. The founding team, consisting of Jan Helwich, Thomas Seher, and Dominik Steinmann, brings extensive experience in the areas of software development, marketing, design, and manufacturing. However, for larger series production, we need support in the area of hardware design and manufacturing.

Germany, Berlin

Part of
Startupnight 2023