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We have developed the most convenient and sustainable technology to heat liquids for beverages and food.

The Heatle is the world's first induction-based immersion heater - a premium device developed and produced in Berlin, which combines authentic Japanese design with revolutionary German technology. With the elegant eye-catcher you can easily heat, warm up or cook anything - whether hot tea at perfect temperature or lukewarm baby milk in seconds, as well as cocoa, coffee, mulled wine, noodle soup and much more. Not only can you save a lot of energy, but also space in the kitchen, time and nerves when preparing and cleaning. The Heatle is no ordinary induction cooker. Actually, no other device in the world can heat a small piece of metal in your cup using induction - and certainly not with an enormous power of up to 2.000 Watts. Many other companies tried and gave up - after 5 years of research, we are the first to succeed. Heatle is ready for the market, CE-approved and in series production in the heart of Berlin.

Germany, Berlin

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