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recoupling makes the process of improving relationships easy and enjoyable. We combine the latest scientific findings with AI and gamification.

Imagine an app that knows your relationship's needs even before you do. Recoupling turns couplecare into an exciting adventure with gamified challenges, evidence-based exercises and programs that work to unlock the true potential of partnerships. Our advanced AI anticipates emerging relationship issues and offers tailors content to ensure relationships stays on track.

Since our launch in December 2023, our freemium app has experienced significant expansion, drawing in a considerable subscriber base of 1,000 paying users. This impressive organic expansion has been propelled by the massive impact of viral social media videos, a momentum we will further enhance now.

Our ultimate goal is nothing short of a revolution in how people approach interpersonal interactions. Our vision is re: social, the app code blueprint that will change the way we connect and relate to one another for all interpersonal relationships.

Germany, Berlin

Part of
Startupnight 2023