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elim. is a social app that helps you combat loneliness by facilitating connections with the people you care about – in an easy and fun way.

Our mission is to apply AI to create a world where nobody ever has to feel lonely. 14 million people in Germany are affected by loneliness which leads to an increased mortality risk, burnout and depression. We focus on prevention and cultivating vital relationships to help people avoid experiencing loneliness altogether. With elim, you'll discover a fresh and appreciative approach to communication. Swipe through our designs and texts to create creative cards for your loved ones. Whether it's birthdays, holidays, or simply to bring joy, elim helps you stay connected with the people who matter most to you. Small greetings play a vital role in maintaining relationships and serve as a foundation for meaningful meetings and genuine social connections. With elim, reaching out to the people you truly want to connect with becomes incredibly easy. By doing so, you can experience more meaningful relationships and live a happier, healthier life.

Germany, Berlin

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Startupnight 2023