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finCraft AG

finCraft offers a comprehensive one-stop solution (Education, Advice, Brokerage) to turn individuals into knowledgeable, self-confident investors.

A financially empowered person is informed, skilled and equipped with an efficient infrastructure. They understand how they invest their money, make wise financial decisions and have access to resources to help them reach their goals. However, the new digital generation of investors is not provided with target group-specific, individual solutions embedded in holistic systems in the sense of a one-stop solution (Education+Advice+Brokerage). finCraft changes that! We turn individuals with either no, some or even painful experience in the stock market into knowledgeable, self-confident investors by democratizing access to financial knowledge. SHEvesting by finCraft takes care of the financial future of younger women (Gen Z and Y). Because our goal is to support them on their way to financial independence.

Germany, Bad Homburg

Part of
Startupnight 2023