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My Makery

A chestnut bread baking mix: the first gluten free bread with a fantastic taste & perfect nutritional composition (low carbs, high in protein & fibre)

A female led company which produces the first organic gluten free bread baking mix with a fantastic taste and perfect nutritional composition (low carbs, high in protein & fibre) based on chestnut flour. The My Makery chestnut bread is the first real chestnut bread ever. This bread baking mix is the revolution on the gluten-free bread market in terms of taste and nutritional value. It’s the perfect bread for everybody, having a positive and lasting impact on people’s health without sacrificing the popular staple food bread. The high proportion of high-quality chestnut flour gives the bread a uniquely aromatic taste. With all the other ingredients, it contains an optimal nutritional composition: high in protein, low carb and really high proportion of dietary fiber. And all these benefits come along with a lot of taste, a great fluffy and juicy consistency. It’s a 100% natural product: without added sugar and artificial additives. They are absolutely quick and very easy to prepare. Can be done by everybody and it’s in the oven in less than 5 minutes! That’s what we want – to ease the daily clean and healthy eating routine of everybody – as well for a gluten free diet. Healthy eating can be both easy and delicious! Above that - who wants food waste anymore? 40% of the raw materials we use are by-products from oil mills and thus promote the upcycling of food. We are also part of the "Often-Longer-Good" campaign - together against food waste.

Germany, Sindelfingen

Part of
Startupnight 2023