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Startupnight 2021: wrap-up
| September 02 2021

SUN21 took place yesterday with a packed and seriously cool program all around important topics related to building and running a startup. Our awesome…

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Diversity is a success factor – Migrants as Founders
Diversity is a success factor – Migrants as Founders
| August 31 2021

Studies in the US point to the outstanding contribution of migrant founders for innovative enterprises. There are also a number of high-profile compan…

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program preview
Program preview #final
| August 30 2021

Why to join an incubator or accelerator? (update)  Nowadays, you can find several accelerators and incubators popping out in several countries, offeri…

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Program of SUN21

For the second, and, #beconfident, hopefully the last, time, Startupnight will be a digital event. We have organized a great program with awesome speakers on site at hubraum, but our audience can only participate remotely.

Additionally there will be lots of private sessions with WLOUNGE and our investors open only for registered startups.

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11:00 am

11:00 am - 11:10 am | Stage  

11:15 am

How to find, win and work with Business Angels (and investors in general)
11:15 am - 11:40 am | Stage
by Business Angels Club Berlin-Brandenburg  

In his talk, Sebastian Schwenke, managing director of the Business Angels Club Berlin-Brandenburg e.V., will give you insights on how to find the perfect investor for your startup and what misconceptions you might have to overcome, to build and sustain great relationships with your sponsors and financiers. 

How to find the right people for your company
11:15 am - 11:40 am | Session
by WAfM Diagnostik  

In times of staff shortages, it is important to find not necessarily the best, but the right person for the long term. Who is the right person for a task area? What competencies someone needs to be successful in this position and whether you have the right managers for the new strategy.

Claudia Vennemann

WAfM Diagnostik GmbH
How to get shares in Germany – State of the Nation
11:15 am - 11:40 am | Session
by Taylor Wessing  

Employee participation in Germany: What’s possible and What’s not? 10 Pitfalls when creating virtual employee participation schemes and brief update on latest legislation changes and why they are no game changer.

How to raise public funding
11:15 am - 11:40 am | Session
Alexandra Grafwallner, Berlin Partner  

Whether you’re interested in establishing your business in Berlin, to internationalize your activities or if you are intending to grow here, Berlin Partner for Business and Technology provides customized support and assistance for the decision-making and implementation phases with its comprehensive services. One of the services focuses on funding and financing. In order to gain an insight into the world of funding, we will answer your key questions today, which you must consider when applying for funding. What types of subsidies are there? Who is eligible for funding? What do you need to consider when applying for funding? etc. We clear the funding jungle for you and show you the way to find the right funding programs for your business.

Alexandra Grafwallner

Berlin Partner
From “made in China” to “invented in China”: Chinas digital rise.
11:15 am - 12:10 pm | Session
How does China drive innovation, and how can startups benefit from China‘s innovation boost, by Berlin Partner & 36KR global.  

Program organized by Berlin Partner in cooperation with 36KR (China’s largest business and technology news platform, listed on NASDAQ since 2019).

5 min: Short intro and overview about the program
           Sandra Schulze, Area Manager China, Berlin Partner
10 min: How is innovation created in China?
             What are the drivers behind China’s continual fast technological development? How are new technologies quickly applied to different industries?
             Emon Wang, Partner Europe, 36Kr Global
20 min: China’s Artificial intelligence industry 
            Examples of applications of computer vision, natural language processing and deep learning
            Ben Jiang, VP Global Markets, 36Kr Global
30 min: How can startups from Berlin benefit from China’s innovation boost?
             Discussion round with two Berlin startups that have business connections to China:

  • Sheen Hu, CEO,
  • Timon von Bargen, Tech & Product, OrderYOYO
  • Moderated by Sandra Schulze, Berlin Partner

Sandra Schulze
Area Managerin China
Berlin Partner

Emon Wang
Partner Europe
36Kr Global

Ben Jiang
VP Global Markets
36Kr Global

Timon van Bargen
Tech & Product

11:45 am

Feminine Economy
11:45 am - 12:10 pm | Stage
by Mali M. Baum, WLOUNGE  

The feminine economy proposes a new set of values, sustainable, impact-focused, and a redistribution of skills, money, while showing strong monetization based on feminine principles. 

The feminine economy is not meant to be ‘for female’ but it's even stronger for male leaders and change makers-entrepreneurs.

Recruiting - national, European or global? New ways of finding and hiring staff.
11:45 am - 12:10 pm | Session
Q&A with Stefan Gotthardt, Volkswagen Digital Solutions, and Cem Ergün-Müller, Startupnight
  Video available  

Q&A with Stefan Gotthardt, Volkswagen Digital Solutions, and Cem Ergün-Müller, Startupnight: Using the Volkswagen Digital Lab in Lisbon as an example, we show which paths companies are taking in the search for personnel. Stefan Gotthardt reports on his experiences in recruiting IT employees/software developers in Portugal. What does a recruiting process look like? What is important to the company and what is the focus of future employees? What are the expectations?

Business Immigration Service
11:45 am - 12:10 pm | Session
by Berlin Partner  

Germany, and Berlin in particular, is a great place for internationals. But there are some facts you should know to have the best time of your life. This session will give you first-hand information on topics such as pre-approval and visas, as well as insights and advice on residence permits.

Berlin Partner for Business and Technology is the business development agency of the city of Berlin and at the pulse of the city. Together with our partners from business and science, we are committed to Berlin as the place to be.

Marion Schönicke
Talent | International | Business Immigration Service
Berlin Partner
Find employees online (fast) - and without a big budget
11:45 am - 12:10 pm | Session
by VB Business Group  

The term "War for Talents" has been around since 1997. The right employees are essential, especially in the early stages of a startup - also as a basis for decision-making for investors. At the same time, there is little time & budget for recruiting. Benjamin will give you 5 questions which you should ask yourself when recruiting.

12:00 pm

State of the Ecosystem – latest trends in venture investments
12:00 pm - 12:45 pm | Session
by hubraum
  Video available  

The Venture capital industry is affected by many different trends at the moment: super-fast remote dealmaking at early-stages, mega funds like Softbank or Tiger Global, the increasing participation of Corporate Venture Capital, new ways of financing through crypto, the goal of bringing more diversity in the ecosystem – just to name a few. How does this change venture capital firms and their business models and what does this mean for founders seeking capital?

Florian Steger
Managing Director Deutsche Telekom hubraum Fund GmbH

Rouven Dresselhaus
Co-Founder & Managing Partner
Cavalry Ventures

12:15 pm

Why to join an incubator / accelerator
12:15 pm - 12:45 pm | Stage
by hubraum
  Video available  

Nowadays, you can find several accelerators and incubators popping out in several countries, offering tons of opportunities to startups. This huge offer leads to confusion: when is the right time to join one? Why should I do it at all? What can I expect out of this chance? These and many other aspects will be discussed during this session, bringing clarity to this foggy cosmos. 

Axel Menneking
Head of hubraum

Julia Neumann
Project Manager
Fundraising for pre-seed & seed founders
12:15 pm - 12:40 pm | Session
by seed+speed  

In this session Alexander and Jens will introduce preseed founders to the investors point of view and help you structure and manage your fundraise.

Made it here, make it there - stories of transcontinental business development
12:15 pm - 12:40 pm | Session
by AsiaBerlin  

Moving your business to the next stage by starting in a new market can be a daunting endeavour. Luckily there is a plethora of business enabling actors out there. But which one is right for me? Should I go for a government funded gig or will I be better off with an NGO or other private agency? AsiaBerlin assembled a panel to explore the do's and don’ts of your journey to other regions of the globe.

Jan Lachenmayer
AsiaBerlin Partner and MD, enpact
enpact e.V.

Karena Belin
CEO and CoFounder, WHUB and AsiaBerlin Ambassador

Diksha Dutta (Moderator)
Head of Marketing and Communication
TechBoost – The path to sustainable matchmaking
12:15 pm - 12:40 pm | Session
by TechBoost  

In this session, we will introduce the TechBoost startup program founded in 2017 and talk about its evolution across the years, by referring to the initial value proposition. In addition to infrastructure and marketing support, building customer networks is becoming increasingly important for both, early and later stage startups.

This is where our own matchmaking initiative TechBoost Connect comes into play, whose vision we will talk about. 

We strongly believe that a sustainable startup initiative should drive business for all participants: Our customers, our startups and our own company. Be excited to hear about our learnings we have had along the way as well as the opportunities we seek to leverage even more in the future.

The need to open up - how corporations benefit from the outside
12:15 pm - 12:40 pm | Session
by Birdhub Ventures  

Corporations have to adapt faster and faster due to new technologies, changing employee skills and extremely agile startups. The talk will cover what is important for innovative companies today, both from a former corporate perspective and from the perspective of a founder today. Skills shortages, new ways of working, unsteady environments and many other trends mean that 21st century companies need to open up to remain competitive.

Martin Scholz
Managing Director
Birdhub Ventures
Why Startup Studios are so hot right now
12:15 pm - 12:40 pm | Session

Over the last few years, the startup studio model has matured and has become one of the most exciting asset classes in the venture capital world. The concept behind startup studios is quite simple; they source and validate ideas, find the right co-founders, and build the business together. The secret behind the success of startup studios is to do this process continuously, pumping out new companies one after another.

During this talk Michael van Lier, managing director of Builders startup studio, will share his insights on the ongoing rise of startup studios and their potential as a promising investment opportunity.

Michael van Lier
Founder & Managing Director
High Noon for Startups - Can your business idea make it?
12:15 pm - 1:10 pm | Session
by Christoph Räthke  

Too often, founders work on ideas that can never make it, no matter how passionate they are. Problems might be a twisted market, wrong perception of user needs, the fact that it has been tried x times before and always failed, and many other caveats that are best identified BEFORE starting to put serious effort into an idea. As an angel, founder, author and lecturer, Christoph Räthke has been a driving force of the German startup ecosystem for over 20 years. Accordingly, the feedback he'll give you might either be a strong suggestion to reconsider or even fold your idea - or highly valuable advice on the next most useful steps to turn it into reality.

12:45 pm

Why cultural diversity leads to more success
12:45 pm - 1:15 pm | Stage
by 2hearts
  Video available  

Diversity, diversity, diversity. This overarching topic has become more than prominent in both today’s society as well as in the context of business. In this session, a foundation called 2hearts will take over – co-founder Min-Sung, ambassador Ulrike and core member Mey will explain what the benefits of cultural diversity are, why it is definitely needed for success in the tech industry and how their dream future in this context looks like.

Code to Heart – Developing for the Open Source Community
12:45 pm - 1:10 pm | Session
by ORY  

Aeneas Rekkas, serial entrepreneur and Co-Founder of ORY, a state-of-the-art Identity Management and Security startup in Munich, will talk about his journey. From developing learning platforms, receiving a Federal Cross of Merit, to engaging with large top-line VC firms for innovative deep-tech solutions. Aeneas is passionate about the Open Source community and will share some key insights on how to build successful tech startups.

How to create a startup with public money?
12:45 pm - 1:10 pm | Session
by Investitionsbank Berlin (IBB)  

Robert Schmidt, district manager at Investitionsbank Berlin (IBB), gives an overview about public support programs in Berlin which could be essential for your founding phase.

How to successfully raise your next financing round
12:45 pm - 1:10 pm | Session
by UVC Partners  
Alex Kiltz shares a VC's perspective on all things fundraising: How to best prepare for your next financing rounds? What are the necessary ingredients? Should you speak with investors between fundraising cycles or ignore them? How to achieve an efficient fundraising process? How to best identify suitable investors to not waste time speaking with irrelevant ones? How to create a strong pitch deck and create FOMO? How to have your round preempted?


Alexander Kiltz
UVC Partners
Which founders/ personality is needed today for winning the game?
12:45 pm - 1:10 pm | Session  

Discussion with VCs, key players at the tech ecosystem and founders.

Why to join an incubator / accelerator - Q&A Session
12:45 pm - 1:15 pm | Session
by hubraum
  Video available  

Straight after our panel discussion „Why to join an accelerator / incubator”, startups and incubation experts will be waiting for your questions! Use these 30 minutes in this interactive session to find out whatever you need – how do I apply? What happens after the collaboration? Do I have to give equity? Top insights, tailored to your interests.

Tim Akgül
Program Manager

Tobias Wittich
Member of the Board

Constanze Kettlitz-Profe
Senior communication expert

1:15 pm

Go To Market - Ready for Lift-off?
1:15 pm - 1:40 pm | Stage
by think.speak.transform.  

"G2M" is the most critical dimension in lifting off: Is your brand ready, marketing defined, product roadmap solid, pricing cleared, early adopter acquisition strategy in place, growth plans ready for execution, support and maintenance setup, team solid, and financing secured…? Let's have an honest conversation on the do's and don'ts, what to pitch, who to sell to, when to pivot – and why success can be scary.

10 most common mistakes that are made before the seed fundraising
1:15 pm - 1:40 pm | Session
by High-Tech Gründerfonds (HTGF)  

Startups that want to raise venture capital in the future should have a few topics in mind when founding and starting their business. We at HTGF see a variety of startups every year and this presentation combines the most common mistakes done by founders before the first institutional fundraise.

Louis Heinz
Senior Investment Manager
High-Tech Gründerfonds (HTGF)
A new approach to sustainability: Zero-waste IT infrastructures
1:15 pm - 1:40 pm | Session
by Staex  

A sustainable world is unattainable while a fundamental part of it, our IT systems, is not resource-efficient. In this talk, I want to share a novel way of building IT services that fully utilizes the interconnections of digital machines and leverages the computational power of every connected device to enable a sustainable digital world.

Courage to co-create!
1:15 pm - 1:40 pm | Session
by Digital Hub Initiative  

Developing solutions together with the right partners that really make a difference!

Kilian Depuhl
Hub Agency Project Lead
Digital Hub Initiative
Digital Habit Building
1:15 pm - 1:40 pm | Session
by Digital Leaders Institute  

Every day we receive 200 business emails, unlock our smartphone up to 80 times, lose up to 26% of our productivity just by the presence of the smartphone and can work on average only 10 minutes at a time without distractions! How are we supposed to be able to work productively and be balanced?

Is running a Startup only possible with VC money?
1:15 pm - 1:45 pm | Session
by Investitionsbank Berlin (IBB)  

Artsiom Zhavarankau from Berlins Business Development Bank – Investitionsbank Berlin (IBB) – will discuss alternative ways of funding with Marcel Quennet, CEO of QoD Technologies. 

Artsiom Zhavarankau
Key Account Manager for ICT

1:45 pm

1:45 pm - 2:00 pm | Stage  
Go To Market - Ready for Lift-off – Q&A Session
1:45 pm - 2:10 pm | Session  

Pascal is happy to answer questions after his stage program about go-to-market strategies.

#SUN21 - be confident!

On September 1, 2021, Startupnight will take place for the 9th time.

Registration is now open – get your free ticket for Startupnight #SUN21 now!

Startupnight #SUN21, one of the largest startup events in Europe, will take place for the 9th time in Berlin on Wednesday, 01 September 2021, to bring startups and investors together for networking, matchmaking, talks and discussions. 

With stage programs, workshop sessions and pitch opportunities, experts from venture capital firms, corporates and funding institutions will give founders the opportunity to present themselves and their innovations and get answers to their questions on important topics such as funding. Startupnight 2021 will take place for the second time as an online event and will be streamed from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm.

#SUN21 partners are Deutsche Telekom, hubraum, Investitionsbank Berlin, Berlin Partner and On the Rock. 

#SUN21 #beconfident

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