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LocateRisk GmbH

Measuring & Improving Cyber Security with Non-Invasive External Threat Assessment for Your Organization and Supply Chain.

LocateRisk offers cybersecurity ratings for companies and corporations worldwide. Decision-makers from management and IT receive a well-founded report on the security situation of their company-wide IT infrastructure in just 48 hours. The score, which is based on publicly available data from hundreds of sources, can be used to derive the current security status and create benchmarks. The success of protective measures can be verified through regular checks. In addition to its own IT security situation, the solution also provides insights into the IT security of third-party companies and helps to implement supplier risk management and M&A processes in a resource-efficient manner. This makes the work of IT managers easier and reduces the risks of cyber incidents as well as the resulting damage and costs. Our customers include medium-sized companies, large corporations as well as ministries, cities, Critis operators, IT system houses and many more.

Germany, Darmstadt

Part of
Startupnight 2023