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what a bird GmbH

Our innovative, decentralized and affordable water purifier reduces the social inequalities in the global drinking water supply, especially in Africa.

what a bird GmbH - Simple. Clean. Water. What a bird GmbH is a German based company, we are specialised in the filtration of contaminated water (e.g. from rivers, lakes, rainwater, open wells, unsafe water supply infrastructure) on a household level. Our decentralised water filter pump is intuitive to use, very robust and perfect for people who transport and store their daily water in canisters. It is also ideally suited for personal crisis prevention in industrialised nations. There is a high demand in the African Market for decentralised and efficient water treatment solutions. In the last 3 years we served 10.000 people with clean drinking water together with NGO’s. Now we are going to address private customers to become the market leader for household water purification systems. With our water filter, the world's drinking water problems can be significantly reduced and millions of people will be enabled to produce clean water independently. We aim to reduce the social inequalities in the global drinking water supply through an innovative, mobile and affordable water treatment system. Our solutions support the realisation of the Sustainable Development Goals 2030 and focus on the human right for the access to safe drinking water.

Germany, Havixbeck

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