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agriBORA GmbH

agriBORA is an agri-fin-tech platform on a mission to make Africa food secure by making farmers in Africa more visible, accessible and bankable.

agriBORA combines the use of technology and human touch to de-risk smallholder agriculture, improve farm productivity, and facilitate effective trading. We have developed an end-to-end B2B2C interaction and transaction platform to enable smallholder farmers and their last-mile business partners, who we call agriHUBs, to interact and transact with each other in a more affordable, efficient, transparent, and reliable way. Our technology combines basic feature phone functionalities, such as SMS, USSD, and mobile payment solutions, with adequate smartphone applications and advanced analytics based on Earth observation satellite data to complete transactions with farmers and monitor and assess crop development during the season.

An agriHUB is a physical center that provides a personal touch point for farmers, ensuring the "last mile" is covered by a trust-based, personal relationship where farmers can access quality third-party bundled products and services. It is operated by an organization or an individual who now has adequate digital tools and support to run the Hub as a successful grass-root agribusiness. The agriHUB serves as a one-stop shop. Through our platform, Hub managers aggregate demand and offer farmers competitive access to third-party products and services, including mechanization, soil testing, inputs, extension services, and output market. By transacting through our e-wallet, farmers and agriHUBS are now building stronger transaction histories and becoming more bankable.

Germany, Darmstadt

Part of
Startupnight 2023