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We utilize the latest AI technologies to reshape the mental healthcare system and make it accessible to everyone. is creating a digital ecosystem for mental health. In the first step, we developed Ora - a multilingual AI chatbot that provides personalized mental health support. Our initiative aims to bridge the waiting times of about 140 days for mental health care in Germany. Mental health disorders cost Germany approximately 190 billion euros yearly. Furthermore, we want to alleviate Ukrainian refugees' mental stress from the Russian war. Our solution is unique in the digital mental health space, offering cutting-edge technology and a human touch to support mental well-being. Our advanced AI chatbot can directly and indirectly understand moods, and provide human-like conversations, offering personalized recommendations and support. It creates a safe and non-judgmental environment for anyone to seek help and continuously learns and tailors its approach to the individual. Additionally, we offer features such as anonymous support from the community, multilingual accessibility, and gamification tactics to make mental health exercises enjoyable. Ora stands out for its two unique features: "Community", which allows users to anonymously seek advice from people with similar experiences, and "Chat with AI", which provides specific mental health support through Chat with Ora.

Germany, Berlin

Part of
Startupnight 2023