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PHINEO Startups

Empowering impact startups to create solutions for a world of crises through tailored incubator and accelerator programs.

The world is full of crises: the war in Ukraine, the climate crisis, the loss of biodiversity and mass extinction, the crisis of democracy.

Our economic system should be transformed from causing to solving many of these crises. We don’t need short-term profit maximization at the expense of people and environment. We need sustainable business models that serve society in the long term and ensure our survival.

Impact star­tups play a key role in addressing the various, constantly chan­ging cri­ses and chal­len­ges we face in socie­ty. They address one or more UN Sustainable Development Goal (SDGs) at the core of their business. This means: if you remove the impact, you also remove the business.

What if every founder would develop new busi­ness models and approa­ches to make our world more liva­ble and sustainable? All new startups would be impact startups! Their success could motivate established companies to change their business models and practices.

In our accelerator program, we guide impact startups for 6 months to turn their idea into reality. We offer access to funding, coaching from experienced mentors, access to our network and much more. We work side by side with the founders at bUm, a co-working space for social entrepreneurs, nonprofit organizations and activists.

Germany, Berlin

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Startupnight 2023