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Create wide-reaching LinkedIn-Content in 8 min with AI. Answer questions as voice message and let AI write your post in your words.

No time, don't know what to say, struggling to write. LinkedIn Content creation sometime sucks.

For years, we, 2 LinkedIn Copywriters, supported our customers by writing their content. And than ChatGPT came up.

Will AI take our job?

It won't. Have you ever createded a LinkedIn post by AI? It also sucks! Generic bullshit.
So we decided to use AI for content, but good. To get content that cuts the noise, we need human input. This is how works:

1: Select one question provides to you
2: Answer as voice message
3: Wait 3 min for the AI to create your post

Your words, your expertise, your reach on Linkedin - just faster & easier.

Estonia, Tallinn

Part of
Startupnight 2023