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PANTOhealth- The reliable partner for predicting maintenance activities in the rail industry.

At PANTOhealth, we specialize in providing customized predictive maintenance plans for electrified railway infrastructures. Our cutting-edge platform is tailored to the specific needs of engineers, maintenance crews, and technicians. It harnesses real-time data from IoT devices installed on trains and other data pipelines, allowing us to create a digital twin of customers' trains and infrastructure. By generating synthetic data and training our AI engine with labeled data, we can offer railway infrastructure managers detailed information on abnormalities and the optimal timing for maintenance. This significantly improves overall reliability and reduces costs. The current challenge lies in the high cost of conventional maintenance and the demand for increased reliability, which conflicts with a shortage of skilled human resources. Our target market includes local municipalities with trams, city trains, and trolleybuses, national infrastructure managers, railway maintenance service providers, and producers of overhead line joints and fittings. We have already successfully completed pilot projects with DB Netz Ag, Infrabel, and the infrastructure manager of Cologne, with a potential annual recurring revenue (ARR) of over €60,000. To strengthen our market entry, we have onboarded sector-related individuals and companies as angel investors through an angel investment pool. We have an active agent-based sales channel in more than 11 countries. Our startup is committed to supporting society by contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), specifically SDG 9: Industries, Innovation, and Infrastructure, and SDG 13: Climate Action.

Germany, Berlin

Part of
Startupnight 2023