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We build AI technology that provides lab-quality biomechanic analysis on a smartphone to help people to prevent injuries or improve performance.

In everything we do, we move but if you do the movement incorrectly, you will get injured. In fact, 480,000,000 runners get injured at least once per year and 40% of it is due to poor biomechanics. Today, the best way to get a biomechanic analysis done is in a lab, but labs are expensive, time-consuming and only accessible to pro-athletes or research. 

We build an advanced AI technology with a proprietary biomechanics algorithm to provide real-time running form & gait analysis with just a single smartphone camera. This comprehensive system is tailored to finding the cause of recurring injuries and assist in the mitigation of future injuries. With our research partners, we are creating a personalized analysis that takes into account the person's gender, weight, height, and objective. 

The way how it works is the person take a 10 second video of them running, and our AI will analyze it within 1 minute and provide information about their strong and weak points and what they should do to improve. There is an app for smartphone/tablet on iOS/Android and desktop web version for computer.

The way how we make money from this is through a subscription base system depending on the type of user. Runner – 9€ / month, Coach – 29€/ month, Sports Clubs – 199€ / month.

We have a first working version of the AI Technology and the app. With no marketing, zero onboarding, we have over 2500 users, 100 paying clients and 52% month over month sales growth during the last 4 months of beta testing. We have partnerhsips signed with the Federation of Quebec Athletics, OpenTri, Rainbow Wings and Orange (Paris2024). Also, ongoing pilot testing with large groups such as French Federation of Athletics, Decathlon, and Adidas. We were featured live on BFM TV in January and won several awards for innovation from BPI, Consulate of France, Femme Entrepreneur Orange, CES and EU Startups.

Our founding team is made up of Perrine who specialized in running biomechanics for 8 years and Khaldon who successfully built a mobile app as a product manager for 6 years which made million in sales globally and Victor who worked 6 years as a software engineer for big companies. We are all also former high level athletes and current active runners so we understand the issue first hand. We are a total team of 9.

We are raising a seed round of €900k and already have €600k secured so we are looking for a lead investor to help close out the round. With this investment, we will build a more robust AI and accelerate our growth as we aim to hit €115k in MRR by December 2024. One of the investors who has already agreed to participate in the round is influencer Running Addict. He has a running training platform with over 300k runners. 

France, Rennes

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