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StoneFree is a prescribable mobile digital health app for kidney stone patients to decrease the risk of recurrence via habit change and biofeedback

5-9% of the European population are affected by kidney stones. The pain is comparable to giving birth. Kidney stones are a chronic disease, therefore patients are very scared of experiencing another kidney colic. The app includes a 90-day program to decrease the risk of recurrence via psychoeducation and biofeedback. Fortunately, science knows the right treatment which reduce the chances of kidney stones forming significantly. However, doctors barely dispose any time for nutrition advices. We bridge this gap between science and the people with an mobile app that provides four features: - A reminder to drink enough fluids, as hydration is the habit that has the greatest impact - Food recommendations tailored to the individual patient by their stone type - Psychoeducation with a 12-week program to help change habits and give patients the feeling of control over their condition - as well as - - Biofeedback via urine testing that demonstrates that your measures are effective and therefore can aid in forming new habits.

Germany, Berlin

Part of
Startupnight 2023