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Finstep Solutions GmbH

We help young people achieve their life goals by teaching them relevant financial skills, creating valuable touchpoints between finance and GenZ

We teach young people aged between 13 and 18 relevant financial skills through a fun and engaging learning experience in an App that can be described as Duolingo for financial education. On top of that, we put the education to practical use by offering premium personal finance features specifically designed for the target audience such as gamified expense tracking or a modified banking interface. Users can engage with these features by integrating their bank account via open banking. This way, we solve two big problems of traditional retail banks: Having a performative communication channel to GenZ for customer acquisition, retention and activation and having a product offering that is tailored to the needs of this highly valuable target audience. This works by referring Finstep users to banks to open a bank account if needed. More importantly, banks can use Finstep as "GenZ-as-a-service" by sponsoring their clients a Finstep premium subscription. This enables the banking partners to offer a specialized product offering in a lean way which the target audience is missing in their proprietary retail online banking. Users can access the advanced personal finance features by buying a Finstep premium subscription themselves as well. With this B2B2C business model, we are able to offer the financial education for free and have it accessible for everyone to benefit from it.

Germany, Hamburg

Part of
Startupnight 2023