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Bareways develops highly customized routing and navigation services in a B2B licensing approach. 2 carmakers have launched solutions globally.

Bareways addresses the challenge of mobility on roads outside of metropolitan regions, where the drives tend to be longer, where the characteristics of the vehicle, the driver ("user persona"), and real-time data matter more than in cities... It is developing a data layer providing a multitude of different information related to global mobility: points of interest, surface, altitude, weather, heavy traffic, charging infrastructure, or roadblocks. This data layer can be used ‘stand-alone’ offering a number of Bareways’ routing solutions or can be integrated on top of the standard navigation platforms and thereby enhance their results or provide completely new, compelling routing services for off-highway mobility. From a technical perspective, Bareways aggregates data from various sources - maps, weather forecasts, satellite imagery, road, and vehicle sensors - calibrates, and analyzes them with AI methods. The core technology focuses on the recognition and prediction of patterns and trends in inhomogeneous and incomplete data.

Germany, Lübeck

Part of
Startupnight 2023