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Wonnda is a B2B platform that empowers consumer brands to source, launch and scale their product lines.

Wonnda is a SaaS-enabled marketplace where brands and manufacturers develop consumer products together. Brands can quickly source, develop and build their products with pre-qualified manufacturers. Manufacturers get a browser-based workspace to manage projects, clarify product specifications, qualify leads and handle payments. Both parties can communicate and share files in the workspace (e.g. offers, invoices, contracts). Wonnda orchestrates the entire process as a "central interface for product sourcing" and has all necessary information about projects in one place (e.g. shampoo, brown bottle, 200ml, 3000 pieces). Brands can find and book other needed services directly (e.g. hire product designers and fulfillment partners). Wonnda provides brands with all the required resources and best practice guides to launch their products successfully.

Germany, Berlin

Part of
Startupnight 2023