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These are the startups of Startupnight 2018 sorted by name with a short description.
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Lifestyle - Commerzbank

Grover is a fresh alternative to owning things — making technology accessible to everyone, by enabling people to subscribe to tech products monthly instead of buying them.

Hastily Assembled Games
AR/VR - Microsoft Atrium

Hastily Assembled Games is a game development studio born out of a passion for game design, virtual reality (VR), and science; and we believe that there is no better way to walk in VR than using…

hello simple
Lifestyle - Microsoft Atrium

hello simple offers a complete do-it-yourself-solution for drugstore products: This principle satisfies the growing customer needs to know exactly what's inside and to avoid harmful substances and…

Lifestyle - Microsoft Atrium

HelpMeBro is a social network app, which provides a real helping network around you.

What are you normally doing if you have a problem and you need fast help? 
You call your friends…

AR/VR - DRIVE. Volkswagen Group Forum

Holo-Light develops Augmented Reality solutions on head-mounted displays for industrial clients. With our products we enable customers to use Augmented Reality to optimize processes and increase…

Holoeyes Inc.
Health - Deutsche Telekom's Representative Office

Holoeyes provides VR based knowledge platform like github or wikipedia for doctors, students and patients .
Holoeyes provides VR application for each patients from CT scan data .

AR/VR - Deutsche Telekom's Representative Office

holo|one is a Swiss-based Augmented Reality start-up, which develops standardized Augmented Reality applications. Our new business application suite is a cloud-supported solution and acts as a…

Housy GmbH
Lifestyle - Deutsche Telekom's Representative Office

Housy is the new real estate and rental marketplace which puts an end to the endless apartment search. That's because on this marketplace the tenant isn't searching for the right apartment but the…

How i Like
Lifestyle - Deutsche Telekom's Representative Office

How I like uses a smart ecosystem approach to provide healthy & convenient office food, snacks and drinks designed for employees’ needs. Employees are able to buy products right at the fridge…

Health - Deutsche Telekom's Representative Office

In order cleaning footwear and clothes, we waste more than 10,000L of water and more than 100L of chemicals per year. We want to change the way of cleaning with by just using physical methods.…

HygNova GmbH
Health - DRIVE. Volkswagen Group Forum

HygNova solutions help hospitals and nursing homes tackling their hospital infections by gapless visualization of the hand disinfection rate.

IoT-sensors measure the usage of… GmbH
AI/Data - Deutsche Telekom's Representative Office is your independent supplier of contextual and online ambient data. Our mission is to reduce the barriers of entry to access contextual intelligence and enrichment. We provide via our…

I LOCK IT / haveltec GmbH
IoT/Hardware - Deutsche Telekom's Representative Office

With I LOCK IT we offer a smart bike lock which features an integrated alarm system and automatic locking and unlocking. I LOCK IT is fixed to the bike frame and automatically recognizes the user…

i-mmersive Gmbh
AR/VR - Deutsche Telekom's Representative Office

I-mmersive offers the fastest, highest quality, most reliable, easiest to use 360° streaming solution, featuring blockchain security and augmented reality elements, solving the most important…

- Virtual venue @hopin

Workforce planning is painful. Organizations in the U.S. alone loose more than $800 billion each year due to inefficient planning, lost productivity, internal isolation, demotivation, employee…

Blockchain - Deutsche Telekom's Representative Office

IDEE is a software company that provides strong authentication (OneClick™) and blockchain identity (1me™). Our ecosystem is built on Public Key Cryptography (PKC), blockchain technology and the…

idevices GmbH
IoT/Hardware - Deutsche Telekom's Representative Office

IoT and Smart Home platform and device provider for WiFi based devices like our Air Quality Sensor. Product ready to sell, made in germany, attractive price, interesting platform for IoT , Smart…

Imagine Intelligent Materials Ltd
- Virtual venue @hopin

Imagine develops novel sensing solutions that deliver valuable data from large surface areas in buildings and infrastructure and can be manufactured at scale. The unique way in which Imagine…

Inspirient GmbH
AI/Data - Deutsche Telekom's Representative Office

Inspirient industrializes the key capability of the digital economy – we use Artificial Intelligence to automated business analytics, end-to-end, from raw data to presentation-ready management…

AI/Data - Deutsche Telekom's Representative Office

We help companies improving the customer communication using blended AI.

Service in CallCenters is poor with long wait-time.

Old solution: IVR systems with speech recognition,…

AI/Data - DRIVE. Volkswagen Group Forum

IPlytics’ artificial intelligence algorithm empowers users to get actionable insights about competition, legal risks and market potential from multiple data sources such as worldwide patent…

JAASPER- The Robin Hood of Consumers
HR/Legal Tech - Deutsche Telekom's Representative Office

When consumers have a legal problem, very often they do not contact a lawyer mainly due to the fear of high costs. The solution to that is JAASPER- The Robin Hood of Consumers.

We offer…
Lifestyle - Commerzbank is the online solution to broken smartphones. Our site guides you through the available options based on three courses of action: 1) DIY repair guides with specially produced high-…

AI/Data - Deutsche Telekom's Representative Office

We develop "Chatbots that understand". Based on deep linguistic analysis (NLU), they outperform machine-learning-based chatbots on key criteria such as understanding questions, context awareness,…

Lana Labs GmbH
AI/Data - Commerzbank

Simple, efficient, precise - with LANA Process Mining you can find potential weak points, risks and promising savings potentials in your business processes within seconds. 
Due to the…