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We help companies improving the customer communication using blended AI.

Service in CallCenters is poor with long wait-time.

Old solution: IVR systems with speech recognition, answer the calls faster.
Problem: IVR's accuracy-rate in speechrec is bad (50-70%), makes conversations impossible.

New solution: 
We have the only system combining AI and Human Intelligence for perfect speechrec, accuracy > 99,5%.

Customers talk with the system as to a human and get things done quicker, companies provide better service at lower cost.

System decides in real-time, if input should be recognized by speech rec or by a human. The software detects most phrases. Complex input is recognized by humans and used to keep the conversation going and train the AI (blended AI) 
You only pay for successful automated transactions, so there is zero financial risk. Clients like Apple, AT&T, Samsung, Ford are using it in the US, startup in Europe in 2017.

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