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LucidWeb is making it easy for everyone to get into XR (=VR/AR). We provide WebXR players that are fully web-based and responsive across desktop, mobile as well as VR headsets, targeting brands, enterprises and VR production agencies. In this way, the responsive XR player dramatically shortens and simplifies the viewer's discovery journey to immersive storytelling, made available via 1 URL. On top of that, the technology invites the viewer to continue watching the content in any VR headset of their choice. We are confident to state that the LucidWeb Pro player it the most accessible VR player for (non-) interactive 360° available today. We are working with companies such as ARTE (FR), RTE (IE), VRT (BE) and VR agencies such as PicsEyes (FR) and Soulmade (BE).

Part of
Road to Berlin @Cologne, 2018