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Pattern transfer, like marking drilling holes, transferring a sewing or a woodwork pattern, is complicated. To end this, we developed an Augmented Reality app to precisely display virtual patterns in the real world. 
Our first use case is home sewing. The market is large (4.5 mn people are interested in sewing in Germany, equipment sales of ~855 mn EUR p.a.), it grows at 5% p.a., and the biggest pain point of users is the pattern preparation. Test users were intrigued by our nerve-saving technology that reduces time for pattern preparation from hours to a few minutes. 
In the home sewing sphere, our initial target group in Germany includes 380k active and digitally savvy home sewists. We aim to attract 200 k active users, an ARPU of ~ 50 EUR p.a., and break-even in year 3. 
A second use case – drilling hole patterns – is a vital part of our roadmap. 
Team's backgrounds are in software development, physics, consulting, and home sewing.

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