Skip to main content GmbH is your independent supplier of contextual and online ambient data. Our mission is to reduce the barriers of entry to access contextual intelligence and enrichment. We provide via our RESTful API the “raw material” (contextual data) as a structured and developer friendly JSON response in real-time. We do entity/keyword/text extraction, language detection and website categorization (IAB taxonomy) for now in 20+ languages. We express the meaning of a website/content in scored and weighted keywords and their entities, categorize the website (also in IAB taxonomy), provide the sentiment and provide you plenty of additional information. The data can be used in many use cases e.g. in the online publishing space for contextual video, contextual targeting, content recommendation, tagging, publisher’s site search improvements and much more. You can use our data to enrich unique user profiles, brand safety, and environmental analysis or for personalization, etc.

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