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Inspirient GmbH

Inspirient industrializes the key capability of the digital economy – we use Artificial Intelligence to automated business analytics, end-to-end, from raw data to presentation-ready management slides. Our disruptive approach to analytics enables business leaders to directly think about implications of patterns in their data, as opposed to busying themselves with setting up and managing an analytics process or department.

Inspirient’s award-winning Artificial Intelligence fuses comprehensive probabilistic analysis methods with business common sense. Compared to current approaches, data no longer need to be pre-processed, aggregated and visualized by analysts using a variety of tools. Instead, decision makers can directly review relevant insights and decide on follow-on actions.

Inspirient GmbH was founded in Berlin, Germany, in June 2016. Our technology is currently used by leading international companies in consulting, audit, and banking, in the automotive and logistics sectors

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