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These are the startups of Startupnight 2017 sorted by name with a short description.
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BioVariance GmbH
Health - Deutsche Telekom's Representative Office

Complex biomedical Data Analytics for better individualized treatment - Leveraging the power of modern molecular knowledge.

FinTech/InsurTech - DRIVE. Volkswagen Group Forum

bNesis streamlines API integrations and teaches systems of our customers, even if it is legacy ones, “to talk” to eWallets, payment and banking systems, simplifying and automating payments and data transfer.

Bonaverde Coffee AG
Entertainment/Lifestyle - Microsoft Atrium

Creating the world's first coffee maker, that not only grinds and brews coffee, but actually also roasts the raw green beens directly prior, Bonaverde aims to disrupt the second largest commodity industry and to change the way coffee is perceived and consumed.

Bragi GmbH
Entertainment/Lifestyle - Deutsche Telekom's Representative Office

Bragi helps people do better with intelligent wireless earphones. 

HRTech - Deutsche Telekom's Representative Office

Team success platform for scaling culture and hiring people that fit your team.

Call a Midwife GmbH
Health - Deutsche Telekom's Representative Office

Call a midwife answers to the demand in midwifery care by offering time and location-independent on-call support by experienced midwifes via video and text Chat.

Calliope GmbH
Hardware/Robotics - Microsoft Atrium

Calliope is a digital education start-up from Berlin supplying elementary schools with a star shaped mini computer and coding skills. The Calliope mini consists of an LED display, buttons, a combined compass and accelerometer, touch sensitive pins, a speaker and a microphone, grove connectors, and an RGB LED. 

FinTech/InsurTech - DRIVE. Volkswagen Group Forum

CANDIS solves the three big problems of preparatory accounting.

CardioSecur - Personal MedSystems GmbH
Health - Deutsche Bank's Atrium

CardioSecur Active is an app-based ECG allowing people to gain certainty about their heart and prevent heart damage.

AI - DRIVE. Volkswagen Group Forum

We know when machines fail!

Cat in a Flat
Entertainment/Lifestyle - Microsoft Atrium

Cat in a Flat is currently UK’s biggest and fastest growing cat-sitting community. Through our platform we connect cat owners with insured, vetted and local cat-loving sitters. Our mission is to help cats stay in the comforts of their own home while their owner is away.

Mobility - DRIVE. Volkswagen Group Forum

Chargery offers a green mobile charging service for electric cars in urban areas based on smart data Analysis.

CIS - Conference Information for Science (CISfinder)
Health - Deutsche Telekom's Representative Office

CISfinder is a platform for medical conferences and trainings. 

Communication - Deutsche Telekom's Representative Office

Cloudike is a software solution that enables mobile carriers and OEMs to offer a personal cloud service to customers. Designed to be offered in the cloud or on-premise and provided advanced features like face detection, Cloudike has been proven to assist business goals such as customer engagement, retention and acquisition.

With our white-label personal cloud Carrier's customers will be able to upload, share, and access files from mobile or desktop. Our solution is built to synergize with existing mobile offerings and seamlessly integrate with Carrier's existing billing and auth systems.

Commerce/Retail - DRIVE. Volkswagen Group Forum

Affordable and accessible software solutions for urban challenges.

HRTech - Deutsche Bank's Atrium

Coachfox is an online marketplace that connects people with first-class business coaches via video, audio, chat or in personal sessions. We provide a detailed directory, easy scheduling, secure real-time conferencing, automated payment and invoicing - all in one place. Our vision is to become the go-to platform for personal development.

Cogia GmbH
Data Analytics - Deutsche Telekom's Representative Office

We are an AI based big data analytics expert specialized in the area of text mining.

Cognigy GmbH
AI - DRIVE. Volkswagen Group Forum

COGNIGY.AI allow companies to build cross-channel voice and chat user interfaces for holistic customer journeys using cutting-edge natural language processing technology.

FinTech/InsurTech - Deutsche Bank's Atrium

Compaio makes an entire retail banking advisory process possible everywhere in just 15 min. combining acoount, insurance, investment, financing and pension in one algorithm based digital advisor following a B2B2C approach.

Communication - Deutsche Telekom's Representative Office

Tool manufactory based on symbiosis between quality management, software development and marketing. We develop goal-oriented tools for boundless process Management.

Conrad Connect
IoT/Wearables - Deutsche Telekom's Representative Office

Conrad Connect is the leading IoT platform for smart living.

Contiamo GmbH
Data Analytics - Deutsche Telekom's Representative Office

The last mile delivery platform for big data.

Data Analytics - Deutsche Bank's Atrium

countify is a cloud software for data modelling and business process automation in Excel.

FinTech/InsurTech - Deutsche Bank's Atrium

Cringle is a financial services company which facilitates electronic p2p payments throughout Europe.

Communication - Deutsche Telekom's Representative Office

CrowdTV is a modern, scalable self-service platform where social influencers create their own multimedia platform without programming skills to get closer to their community and to monetize their digital content in professional way.