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CIS - Conference Information for Science (CISfinder)

CISfinder is a platform for medical conferences and trainings. 

What is the problem you are solving?
Doctors and physicians have to collect a certain amount of "CME" points every year. They collect those points by attending medical conferences, trainings and symposia. We are creating a platform where you can find and book your conferences and trainings. We do not only provide the booking of your conference, but also offer the booking of your travel (flight/hotel). 
Additionally, we want to promote and make online seminars (webinars) to simplify the further education for physicians. 
CISfinder is available as a Website and an App (IOS).

What is unique about your solution?
There are already a few event calendars for medical conferences online, but none of them have a proper function and use. We provide an event calendar with a direct booking of the event, the hotel, the flight and offer online seminars. So far, there are no other competitors on the market.