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countify is a cloud software for data modelling and business process automation in Excel.

What is the problem you are solving?
We eliminate the frustrations business users face when using Excel for data analyses and collaboration.

Excel is the starting point for organizations when it comes to any data-related task - because Excel is easy to use, readily available, flexible and inexpensive. 80% of companies in Germany use Microsoft Excel for analyses and reports and in 50% of all companies Excel is still an integral part of their planning and reporting or project management processes.

The bigger the companies get, the more complex their processes get, reaching Excel’s limitations like e.g.
- no automation features within Excel,
- no real collaboration functionalities – Excel is still very much a single-user tool,
- limited audit, security and control features,
resulting in inconsistent data sets, human errors and time-consuming processes. 

This is where countify comes in.

What is unique about your solution?
countify combines the advantages of Excel with the benefits of a cloud solution. With this, users can still work in their familiar Excel environment but get the functionalities of a B2B software like e.g. scalability, workflow automation features, APIs to connect third party software for data import and export, improved team collaboration, central access to data, improved security and compliance features, Excel independent user interface. 

Other data-driven software solutions force user to leave their familiar Excel environment resulting in high costs and additional trainings for employees. Often users use other software but go back to Excel for calculations on the side resulting in a fragmented IT landscape within a company. With countify you can build your customized software right within Excel.