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bNesis streamlines API integrations and teaches systems of our customers, even if it is legacy ones, “to talk” to eWallets, payment and banking systems, simplifying and automating payments and data transfer.

What is the problem you are solving?
Any business is moving online and in order to sell more, in convenient for their customers way, they need to connect multiple eWallets, payment and banking systems.
The more systems are connected, the more customers and more markets can be reached
The best way to connect financial systems is using API technology, which is more flexible and functional comparing with plugins. In addition, using API technology, payments systems can be easily connected to the own CRM, ERP and accountancy systems to automate data transfer and simplify payment management
Connection each of these systems to the own ones is far from easy, takes a lot of time and money because different systems from different vendors can’t “talk” to each other. Support of APIs’ changes is huge, time and money consuming problem
That is why, companies are using payment aggregators - intermediary companies which regularly transfer money with

What is unique about your solution?
Hybrid technology, which might be used as on-premise and/or as the cloud-based middleware service, depending on the needs of the customer

On-premise. We create software servers and the whole infrastructure for our customer which should be installed on their dedicated or cloud servers. That’s why our customers get the full control over their data, may protect and encrypt data the best way for them and although always know where it is sent. Being absolutely independent, the integrated services will work continuously even if something bad happened to our company. In other words, this is SDK. API, that wrapped with the server that has RESTful API ends.
Moreover, all the data between customers’ systems and cloud services is transferred only directly, making data transfer absolutely safe and reliable

Middleware. The data is transferred through cloud-based servers that are based on AWS or Azure infrastructures, protected following.