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CrowdTV is a modern, scalable self-service platform where social influencers create their own multimedia platform without programming skills to get closer to their community and to monetize their digital content in professional way.

What is the problem you are solving?
CrowdTV supports social influencers to become independent from the algorithms of YouTube & Co., to get closer to their community and to monetize their content on a completely new level. CrowdTV combines their social content from different networks in one platforms and enables their fans to get closer to their idol and to other community members. This creates an outstanding environment for brand cooperations in order to address a high engaged target group with a minimum of spreading loss. Thus, CrowdTV supports social influencers to become more professional and to increase their income.

What is unique about your solution?
CrowdTV offers a unique mix of services. In contrast to other competitors, CrowdTV is the only solution world wide that supports social influencers to build their own platform and grow their business around their community from both – a technological and a strategic aspect. Thanks to a white-label technology, the costs and developing time for the individualized platforms are reduced to a minimum. The connection to premium marketers secures high revenues and the personal support from a partner manager helps the social influencers to evaluate and optimize their content.