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Affordable and accessible software solutions for urban challenges.

*What is the problem you are solving?
Most of available technical tools and softwares are not accessible to many local governments for two main reasons: their technical complexity and their prohibitive costs (e.g. due to need for extensive data collection or hiring of external consultants).
Small and middle size cities face particular challenges in this regard, and are usually excluded from development programmes and city networks.
Particularly on climate change disasters, risk mapping is usually conducted by external entities (national government, consultants), reducing local government's ground for action.

*What is unique about your solution?
The key value drivers of our tool are its accessibility (due to its simplicity) and affordability, whilst still being technically sound. It will give the opportunity to gather technical and financial data on disaster risk assessment in a meaningful way we will give to local governments that otherwise would not have the capacity to do so. Such governments are highly dependent on external consultants or other government bodies to develop plans, and this tool will allow them to create awareness on the issues they face and make a business case out of it. In addition, the tool will provide for citizen participation, increasing engagement, accountability and transparency.