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Our Focus Areas of 2019

We decided not use exactly defined industries as before, but to look for startups who will fit into five different focus areas which are more general. So it's up to you to think about, whether your blockchain based drone delivery service or your autonomous space shuttle fits into one of these areas and in which one best.

Startupnight 2019 - Next Gigabit Society

Next Gigabit Society

Energy and telco networks will be more digital and decentralized. In order to enable megatrends like autonomous transportation or P2P trading, hyper-smart networks will become the backbone of our society. Massive broadband connectivity, ultra low latency and smart meter gateways will be key components of future real time services. For next level connectivity you are involved with 5G and Edge Computing technologies. For the best customer experience you focus on AR/VR, autonomous objects (cars, robots, drones), and low-latency advanced media.

Connected World

In the future everything will be connected - cities, factories, households, and individuals. We call this BIG IoT. For next level connectivity, you are looking into automatic identification and data capture as well as smart narrowband technologies, eSIM and edge functionalities. For the best customer experience you are focusing on areas such as: tracking/tracing, efficient manufacturing and logistics, smart city/building enablers, smart home appliances and solutions running on connected devices.
Startupnight 2019 - Connected World
Startupnight 2019 - Smart Data Economy

Smart Data Economy

Massive inputs of data and ubiquitous connectivity provide new possibilities to collect and analyze data for better decision making and automation. You focus on smart (real-time) data analytics, predictive maintenance, cyber security, AI / machine learning, FinTech, robot process automation and energy intelligence. Solutions are digital, decentralized and decarbonized.

Future Mobility

Future Mobility is the key for tomorrow’s society and provides the chance to make the world a better place. You are working in technological developments in autonomous driving, electric powertrain, shared mobility, energy storage, energy efficiency, charging infrastructure and sustainable materials. Future Mobility will be autonomous, eco-friendly and fun.
Startupnight 2019 - Future Mobility
Startupnight 2019 - The Next Next

The Next Next

You are working on disruptive technologies in uncharted territories with the potential to transform telco, finance, energy and mobility core businesses (e.g. quantum computing, material and neuro science, distributed ledger technologies, human machine interfaces).

Food Tech

This is all about new agriculture, food, or gastronomy products, services or technologies with the potential to change and disrupt the agrifood business (e.g. sustainable or healthy food, food waste, new food tech, protein or plant based „meat“, „fish“ or „milk“ products, food service products, food logistic and supply chain solutions, food packaging, digital gastronomy solutions, nutrition apps, agritech applications like drones or robots or smart farming – in B2C, B2B or B2B2C).

Startupnight 2019 - Food Tech

All Startups sorted by name

These are the startups of Startupnight 2019 sorted by name with a short description.
Below you can choose the category you are looking for.

The Next Next - Deutsche Telekom's Representative Office

World's first AI-based smart waste bin

Blueberry Walnut
The Next Next - Deutsche Telekom's Representative Office

Stop presenting average pitch decks, marketing docs, brands. We understand your tech, talk to us and succeed in style.

Food Tech - Microsoft Atrium

Bohnikat turns local pulses into incredible crunchy snacks: delicious, full of fantastic nutrients, and especially CO2-friendly.

BRIVE Fleet Solutions GmbH
Future Mobility - Deutscher Sparkassen- und Giroverband

Reduce vehicle costs by rewarding good driving behaviour.

Smart Data Economy - Deutsche Telekom's Representative Office

Listen to people, not media: Caliber is a People Listening Platform with real-time stakeholder perception data & analytics to manage corp. reputation

Cesonia GmbH
Connected World - Deutsche Telekom's Representative Office

The secure and trustworthy solution for the next generation of data driven inter- and cross-company collaboration. Cesonia – Together Successful

ChargeX GmbH
Future Mobility - DRIVE. Volkswagen Group Forum

ChargeX develops modular charging solutions for electric cars. They enable a flexible and affordable set-up of large-scale charging infrastructure.

citkar GmbH
Future Mobility - Haus des Handwerks (ZDH)

Die citkar GmbH ist Plattform für urbane Mobilität, deren Schwerpunkt auf der Entwicklung von Hardware-Produkten wie dem E-Cargo-Bike Loadster liegt.

Connected World - Deutscher Sparkassen- und Giroverband

Cleveron offers owners of large buildings a simple and quick solution to an up to 30% more energy-efficient heating system.

CLINET Platforms GmbH
Connected World - Deutsche Telekom's Representative Office

CLINET offers custom made and secure solutions for all processes in healthcare independent of manufacturers – for networking patients and hospitals.

cobago GmH
Connected World - Haus des Handwerks (ZDH)

cobago SIX - Der persönliche Assistent für strukturiertes Arbeiten und effizienten Service vor Ort.

The Next Next - Deutsche Telekom's Representative Office

CODIAC supports companies to exceed their customers' expectations: With support chatbots that deliver solutions. On any device at any time.

Completeorganics GmbH
Food Tech - Microsoft Atrium

Fermented vegetables – full of probiotic life – trust your gut and support your microbiom

Smart Data Economy - DRIVE. Volkswagen Group Forum

Why are cars so expensive and heavy? Because the weakest part of your car is designed to cover the maximum distance for the most demanding driver!

Connected World - Deutsche Telekom's Representative Office

Industrial Connectivity Unbound - Operational Excellence with Reliable, Scalable, Flexible and Cost-Effective Industrial-Grade Wireless Solutions

Connected World - Haus des Handwerks (ZDH)

Craftdrive verbindet in Echtzeit Baustelle und Büro und vereinfacht so die Weitergabe von Informationen und Dokumenten.

craftguide GmbH
Connected World - Haus des Handwerks (ZDH)

craftguide is the platform for tomorrow’s craftspeople. Members gain access to technical knowledge available across mobile, VR and AR devices.

Crafty GmbH
Connected World - Haus des Handwerks (ZDH)

Service, Nachhaltigkeit, Innovation und alle Gewerke unter einem Dach - Crafty ist das Handwerk von Morgen!

cropspot GmbH
Food Tech - Microsoft Atrium

Your meeting point for farming business the digital way.

DABBEL - Automation Intelligence GmbH
Smart Data Economy - Deutscher Sparkassen- und Giroverband

DABBEL is the AI Autonomous Building Management System that transforms buildings into green, healthy and transparent spaces overnight.

DATAbility GmbH
Smart Data Economy - Deutscher Sparkassen- und Giroverband

Engineering Know-how meets Artificial Intelligence...DATAbility provides full-range prognosis solutions.

Connected World - Deutsche Telekom's Representative Office

We are a Product Innovation Office dedicated to fashion, luxury and sportswear brands.
Connected World - Haus des Handwerks (ZDH) - das B2B-Sharing-Portal für alle Handwerks-/Baubetriebe

Digiholz UG
Smart Data Economy - Haus des Handwerks (ZDH)

Time tracking, construction site documentation and a lot more for carpentries, timber construction operations and craft businesses in general.

Connected World - Deutsche Telekom's Representative Office

Simulated Reality - Interacting with 3D objects in a virtual environment, without the need of any headwear or wearables.