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Cesonia GmbH

The secure and trustworthy solution for the next generation of data driven inter- and cross-company collaboration. Cesonia – Together Successful

Cesonia provides a technology platform for the next generation of data-driven inter- and cross-company collaboration. Without storing any data itself and by using Blockchain and the latest technologies in data integration and data management Cesonia builds a decentralized business and data network, that can deliver to almost any application or service you are looking for. Making it possible to access reliable data in real-time as well as to synchronize business process cross company boards for better transparency and efficiency. This provides the foundation for a trustworthy collaboration. With a data management system at its core and by combining it with further functions as well as standardized components, Cesonia enable the development of individual business applications. By therefore supporting a bright variety of uses cases, Cesonia supports an ecosystem for data related services and applications, no matter in which branch and industry that might be.

Part of
Startupnight 2019