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Listen to people, not media: Caliber is a People Listening Platform with real-time stakeholder perception data & analytics to manage corp. reputation

At Caliber we unite the best from technology, stakeholder insights, corporate branding & reputation management to help companies improve communication, marketing and culture - and build a trusted business.

Our platform surveys hundreds of people every day to generate easy-to-use perception metrics that are analyzed and visualized in real time, and are accessible to all relevant users within the company through a user-friendly online dashboard. As opposed to social listening platforms, Caliber uncovers the opinions of all the people that matter to the companies using it - not just those that are vocal. As a result, Corporate Communications and Marketing departments know at any given time what their key stakeholders in their key markets think and expect of them, and can therefore plan activities better, measure their effectiveness, report KPIs and manage risks.

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