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CODIAC supports companies to exceed their customers' expectations: With support chatbots that deliver solutions. On any device at any time.

CODIAC GmbH's mission is to automate 1st-level customer support and make it a win-win for companies and customers. The digital 1st-level support is available 24/7, works 100 percent from day one and can answer an unlimited number of customer inquiries simultaneously in consistently high quality. It delivers self-service solutions in real time or qualifies the problem for 2nd level. Customers no longer wait in telephone loops. They are more satisfied because their requirements are solved reliably and quickly and perceive the brand / company positively (Customer Experience). Companies increase their support quality and collect relevant data (Voice of the customer), whose evaluation provides important insights for marketing and product development. The CODIAC solution is fully functional after a short project duration (no hard programming required), which means that project costs can be calculated in advance.

Part of
Startupnight 2019